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I’ve learned to love my skin as much as I love the sun.



Boutique Business Owner

My name is Aaliyah and I am a 26-year-old island girl from Barbados. I live for fashion, adventure and the bliss of bright sunny days.

I own a small boutique in the heart of Bridgetown which is one of the major cities here in Barbados, I am a full-time supervisor at an aesthetic concept shop on the island’s west coast and I also create content part-time.

It’s mostly sunny here in Barbados so wearing sunscreen daily is an absolute must. Sunscreen is definitely a part of my daily skincare routine and it's one product that I never forget to shove into my handbag.

I love outdoor activities like hiking and taking walks on the beach as well as a good beach party or daytime cruise.

The skin is our armour, it's our largest and biggest organ, and it's what people see first when they see us.


Skincare and suncare are super important especially whilst living in the tropics. I’ve occasionally suffered sunburn during our Crop Over Season and it was never a fun experience dealing with the tanning, the burning and the peeling that comes with sun damage.


Calypso Glow Mist Protection Spray SPF30

My all-time favourite Calypso product is the Glow Mist Protection Spray. Aside from the amazing smell, it makes my skin radiant and luminous while giving me a sun-kissed glow.

I travel with most of my sunscreens in whatever handbag I'm using throughout the day so re-applying is no task. Most of my Calypso products are travel-sized and fit into most of my bags.

The idea of knowing that your skin is covered and protected makes outdoor activities and events way more fun.


I'd encourage young people to protect their skin every day, incorporate sun protection products into their regime and make skin protection mandatory.

I also suffer from adult acne so daily application of sunscreen helps with making sure that my dark marks and dark spots don't become darker due to sun exposure. All in all,

Calypso skincare products have a long list of benefits for a young active female like myself and I'm sure many others can reap the rewards of protecting their skin.

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