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Look after your skin. It's travelling with you

Adele Sharman


Travel Blogger/ Independent travel agent

I’m Adele Sharman, a 48-year-old Travel addict. I have two daughters who I am incredibly proud of and a golf-loving husband who shares my passion for travel. I love learning about travel; it broadens your mind and is a great conversation starter. I am a social butterfly; I love making new friends and connecting with likeminded people. 

You can't swap your skin, so why wouldn't you protect it? It has to last you a lifetime.


I was very impressed with the Glow Mist SPF 30 mist protection spray. It's quick-drying and transparent and leaves a radiant skin glow; who doesn't love a bit of shimmer? It is also a spray, a must for someone like me. I am a lazy sunbather. I don't want to spend ten minutes rubbing a thick, greasy cream onto my skin. After I have applied it myself, I would have to do the husband twice the work.

I also love the Clear Protect SPF15 Calypso Clear Protection Continuous spray. It's non-greasy, and it reaches them hard-to-reach places like your back. A spay is excellent for someone like me who sunbathes on her own when her husband golfs.


Calypso Glow Mist Spray SPF30

I spend a lot of time outdoors, and I am one of those people who would chase the perfect sunrise and sunset. I also know when I am in different countries if I need to use a higher SPF. My skin lets me know.

It's just like putting deodorant on for me; it's just part of my routine, especially when I travel.

You don't have to be laid out in the sun at a pool or on the beach to catch the rays. 

If I know I am going to be active and not just sitting on a beach, I still try to remember to put an SPF on my face or other parts of my body that are exposed. It's just like putting a moisturiser on.

Protecting your skin now will help later on in life


You only get one life. If you look after the inside of your body with what you put in it, why wouldn't you look after the outside?

I didn’t use an SPF when I was younger because I thought I would obtain a better tan until I realised I was damaging my skin.

A tan and glowing skin makes you feel fabulous, but at what cost?

If you are not applying an SPF before you sit out in the sun and damage your skin, think twice. You have a lifetime in your skin; look after and protect it.

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