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Once a Day SachetOnce a Day Sachet
perfect for workSusan23 Feb 24
excellent protection and small packaging sachets allow me to be able to use at work
Great sizeAlyda Q25 Aug 21
Just what I was looking for. I wish I would have found this earlier. I always have one of these in our bag.
Calypso Once a Day Sachet SPF10 Low Protection

Once a Day Sachet

Pocket Size Sunscreen

Read 2 reviews
Size: 40ml |
£10.72 per 100ml





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  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Apply to all exposed areas especially those that are prone to sun radiation. 
  • We recommend a minimum of 35 ml for all over body protection.
  • For external use only.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, In case of contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • Ideally do a patch test before use.


Our Once a Day pocket size sunscreen sachets ensure you always have sun protection to hand. The non-greasy and water resistant formula protects from harmful UVA and UVB rays. When used correctly, one application is suitable for all day protection.

These handy sachets are ideal for when you’re on the go as they fit perfectly in your handbag. They are active after 15 minutes and each sachet is 35ml which is the ideal amount of sunscreen to use for adults. Follow the directions on the packaging to ensure you are adequately protected.

Looking for a full size bottle to keep you protected all throughout your holiday? Then try our Once a Day Sun Protection which comes in 200ml.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It is the measure of the sunscreen’s ability to filter UVB rays. You should consider your skin type, hair colour and location when choosing an SPF product. If you're not sure what SPF to choose, visit Be sun ready to find more information.
SPF 10 is available from:
  • All good pharmacies.
  • Your Questions Answered

    SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and represents the sunscreen's ability to protect your skin from the sun's rays in addition to your skin's natural protection. Depending on your skin type, hair colour, eye colour and location, you may be able to stay in the sun for 10 minutes without burning.
    If you apply a sunscreen with SPF30 this means that you can stay in the sun 30 times longer than you could without sunscreen. However, you must use sunscreen as directed and ensure enough sunscreen is initially applied (35ml) for maximum coverage. Higher factors should not be used to increase your time in the sun, but to increase your level of protection.

    Yes, sunscreen is still required. Even when the sky is overcast, UV radiation levels are still at 80% of their normal levels. The temperature can be deceptive - a breeze can keep you cool, but it doesn't affect UV levels. Look up the UV index for your area to make sure you're using protection when you need to be.

    Yes! They keep their effectiveness by binding more strongly to the skin, so they last longer. Our Calypso Once A Day range is rigorously tested to ensure that even after 8 hours of wear, it still offers the SPF on the label. You should be extra careful to apply enough of the product and make sure all exposed skin is covered. However, please remember that even water-resistant Once A Day sunscreens can still be washed off if you spend a long time in the water or if you dry yourself with a towel, so you might need to reapply.

    We're pleased to say that we don't test any of our products on animals. What's more, we don't buy ingredients that have been tested on animals by another manufacturer. So you can buy Calypso confident in the knowledge that your sun care is cruelty-free.
    All of our products are suitable for vegetarians. However, some contain ingredients like keratin (made from sheep's wool) or beeswax (made by bees) that vegans may wish to avoid.

    There are two types of ultraviolet radiation which can harm our skin – UVA and UVB. Only UVB causes burning, but both types damage our skin, so good sunscreens should protect against both. However, SPF only measures UVB protection, so you have to check to make sure your sunscreen offers UVA protection too. There are lots of different UVA measuring systems around the world. We use the European standard – look for the letters UVA inside a circle. This symbol means that a product meets the EU-recommended level of UVA protection.

    Calypso SPF products meet all UVA and UVB standards and are rigorously tested to ensure their effectiveness. The star rating system was designed by Boots (retailer) and is not recognised as industry standard, nor is it regulated.

    The letters "UVA" inside a circle is a European industry standard marking, which is contained on all Calypso products. 

    Yes you can. All ingredients in the Calypso product range have been approved as cosmetic ingredients.

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    2 Reviews


    perfect for work

    excellent protection and small packaging sachets allow me to be able to use at work

    Reviewed in crewe on 23 February 2024

    Did you find it useful?


    Alyda Q

    Great size

    Just what I was looking for. I wish I would have found this earlier. I always have one of these in our bag.

    25 August 2021

    Did you find it useful?