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Embrace Veganuary with Calypso Sun


2 min read.

January is the month when you might be tempted to try new things and have a fresh start. If you are looking to make some changes, or just give something unexpected a try, Veganuary might be perfect for you. This is an inspiring month-long celebration of all things vegan, where many choose to adopt a plant-based lifestyle to discover its many benefits.
Whether you are a vegan already or just curious to introduce more vegan products into your life, we’ve got you covered!
What happens during Veganuary?
During last year’s Veganuary campaign, over 500,000 people took the pledge to choose a plant-based lifestyle for the month of January, while as many as 825 new vegan products were launched. Which surely gave everyone a chance to really try something fresh. This year, there are more excellent vegan options to try, whether you are heading out to eat or just looking to update your makeup and skincare.
Help from Calypso Sun
With so many vegan products on the market, you can really embrace the plant-based lifestyle. Beauty and health care products are one area where you can make easy swaps without losing out on quality. Our sun lotion range has many vegan choices, whether this is a permanent lifestyle choice or something more temporary. Even making a few vegan trades can get you into the spirit of Veganuary.
Easy swaps you can make
If you have kids, our Kids Sun Lotion comes with SPF50 to protect delicate skin and is completely vegan. This is a fantastic way you can keep things vegan without compromising on quality or increasing cost. Meanwhile, if you are heading away on holiday and ensure a longer-lasting tan, our Carrot Oil with Tan Extender is also vegan and infused with natural nourishing oils that help the skin to be healthier.
Looking for a sun lotion for yourself? We have you covered there, too. Daily protection is essential for your skin whether it is summer or winter, and we have Sensitive Lotion Spray for those with delicate or easily irritated skin. With SPF50, this hypoallergenic spray helps to prevent skin damage and keeps you protected from the sun’s harmful rays - all while keeping in line with your vegan adventure.
Find more vegan products
Are you inspired to find more vegan health care products? The Calypso Sun website is here to help. Use our search function to find which of our products are vegan so you can discover new options easily and keep it plant-based, both during Veganuary and beyond.
As you can see, it’s easy to make Veganuary a part of your new year with Calypso Sun Care - what unexpected vegan favourites might you discover this January?

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