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Calypso Brand History product range

Discover Calypso history timeline

Created in Manchester in 1988, Calypso set out to provide families with quality sun care products at the right price. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of the sun without any risk of sun damage. Over the years, we have expanded and now sell in over thirty countries worldwide.


Founding the brand

The first products were five sun lotions in SPF2, SPF4, SPF6, SPF8 and SPF15, one after sun spray and a tanning oil in SPF2. The brand Calypso was named after the dance, as it is something fun and tropical and the slogan was “Sun care for all the family”. It positioned Calypso as a family-friendly brand in the British sun care market.


Launch dry oil spray

Calypso TV advert Dry Oil

Calypso Dry Oil Spray was developed in 2002 and was a highly-rated product as it was non-greasy, quickly absorbed into the skin and easy to apply to difficult-to-reach areas. As part of its promotion, a TV advertising campaign was launched in 2003.


Development of new after sun products

The After Sun Lotion with Insect Repellent, Glitter After Sun Gel and After Sun Hair and Body Shampoo were launched in 2004 alongside new packaging for the whole range. They were all revolutionary products for their time and were designed to give customers a wider variety of after sun products to choose from to meet their individual needs.

Calypso First After Sun Range

Launch of Once a Day range

In 2007 Calypso Once A Day was added to the range of sun protection products, offering all-day protection after one application.

Due to a high-quality formulation and intelligent marketing, the success of Calypso Once A Day has grown over the years to make it the best selling range within the Calypso brand.

Calypso Once a day

Partnership with Marie Curie

Calypso created a 5-year partnership with Marie Curie in 2011, a charity that provides care and support through terminal illness. Every sale of Calypso sun protection products supported the fantastic work carried out by the charity.

Calypso First After Sun Range

Development of the Press and Protect range

Calypso Press and Protect

Calypso’s innovative Press and Protect range was launched in 2013. It provides a unique Press and Protect Chart on the back of the packaging, which can be used as a guide to ensure you are applying the correct amount of sunscreen to adequately protect your skin from the sun.


The Sun Lotion SPF30 won the Which? award

Outperforming a number of the major sun care brands, including Piz Buin, Hawaiian Tropic and Malibu, Which? not only voted it a Best Buy after passing strict British standards but also awarded it the Great Value logo, after being the lowest priced sunscreen tested at £1.20 per 100ml.

Calypso Press and Protect which magazine award

Launch of Scalp Protection

The Scalp Protection SPF30 was launched in 2016 and quickly became one of Calypso’s most popular products.

It provides instant protection for the hair and scalp from harmful UVA and UVB rays and can be sprayed directly through the hair onto the scalp.

Calypso Press and Protect which magazine award

START OF 2-year TV ad campaign

Calypso Press and Protect which magazine award

Calypso launched a survey in 2016 asking the public for their feedback on the Once A Day products, and based on its successful results they decided to create a TV ad.

The ad showed two women reading the same book on a beach, but one finished the book quicker as she was using Once A Day, so she didn’t need to reapply her sunscreen. The ad was aired on national TV channels in the UK and Ireland in 2017 and 2018.


Received the Ethical Award

Calypso has been awarded Ethical Accreditation from the Ethical Company Organisation every year since 2018.

Not only did the products pass the strict ethical audit, but they also received an impressive Ethical Company Index (ECI) score of 92 out of 100 in the organisation’s Good Shopping Guide.

Calypso was listed as one of the top five most ethical sun protection brands in the world alongside Green People, Honesty, Cabana Sun and incognito.


Find the feeling campaign

Calypso Billboard campaign find the feeling

Calypso launched its Find the Feeling campaign in 2019, which aimed to trigger holiday memories from all those unforgettable family moments in the sunshine.

The campaign consisted of radio, digital and outdoor advertising in the UK, reaching an audience of almost 30,000,000.

Calypso Billboard campaign find the feeling

In the face of 2020's challenges, Calypso prioritized our community's well-being. We launched a hand sanitizer range, offering convenient pocket sizes for on-the-go protection, larger sprays for families, and even donated bulk supplies to hospitals and schools. This ensured everyone had access to essential hygiene tools during a critical time.

Calypso Billboard campaign find the feeling

Calypso unveils an exciting transformation with the introduction of fresh packaging and a new logo across our entire product range. Embracing a contemporary design, our new look perfectly captures the essence of sun adventures and the vibrancy of our brand.

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