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Frequently Asked Questions


We're Calypso, we have been protecting your skin since 1988

Born in rainy Manchester, Calypso brings the sunshine wherever you go! We're not your average sun care brand. We're a family favorite, built on a legacy of our unique, striking formula loved by many. Our mission is to make sun safety accessible to everyone. That's why we offer premium protection at unbelievably low prices. Our complete range caters to all skin types and sun-loving needs.Join the Calypso family for a lifetime of sun-safe adventures! Find us at your favourite retailers like Morrisons, Asda, TK Maxx, and countless stores worldwide. Let's chase the sunshine together.

Calypso 1999 to 2019 products

Created in Manchester in 1988, Calypso set out to provide families with quality sun care products at the right price. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of the sun without any risk of sun damage. Over the years, we have expanded and now sell in over thirty countries worldwide.


Calypso has changed a lot over the last 30 years, but it has stayed true to its original mission of developing innovative sun protection products that are affordable and suitable for the whole family.

Calypso 1999 to 2019 products
Calypso 1999 to 2019 products

Calypso has stunning products. We have used them in Thailand, Dubai, the Emirates and Oman, in temperatures of up to 45 degrees and have not had so much as a hint of redness.
I would recommend these products unreservedly and would not use anything else.

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Our Values

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We never compromise on quality. Our products have achieved a high level of customer satisfaction thanks to our commitment to sourcing the highest standard of materials.

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Our team is crucial to our success. We value every worker and maintain an environment where people feel appreciated and inspired.

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Our mission is to use our research and development expertise to create innovative products that ensure everyone is protected from the sun.

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