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Why You Should Start Using Carrot Oil


1 min read.

Ever heard of using carrot oil for skincare and wondered how it works? Keep reading to find out why this beloved veggie is a key ingredient for radiant skin.

Why Carrots?
Carrots naturally contain anti-oxidants and vitamin E which are essential when combatting signs of ageing. Carrots also contain Beta-Carotene, a component found in orange fruit and veg that can help to repair and protect your skin.

Carrot oil is often used in skincare as it is excellent for balancing out dry, oily or combination skin due to its regenerative and sebum-reducing properties.

Out in the Sun
Beta-Carotene also helps to protect skin from sun damage. It does this by upping the skin’s natural defences to UV radiation. Remember, for full coverage when heading out in the sun, always use a broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protectant. Calypso Carrot Oil, with its amber tint, can improve a natural tan for a golden, sun-kissed look. The vegetable has also been linked to brightening properties, helping skin to look less dull and fatigued.

A Calypso Classic
Not all carrot oils are ready to use. Always check the directions before applying to the skin as some essential oils need to be diluted. Calypso Carrot Oil however, is ready to spray right from the bottle. Available in Original or SPFs 2, 6 and 15, our carrot oil can protect, rejuvenate and improve your tan all at the same time! Calypso Carrot Oil contains Beta-Carotene as well as Carrot Seed Oil and Carrot Root Extract for a moisturising spray with a beautiful, fruity scent.

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