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Why Sunscreen Should Be on Your Back to School List


2 min read.

With the summer holidays coming to a close, it is time to start shopping for your children’s back to school supplies. While school books and stationery may seem like the most important items, it is vital to also stock up on sunscreen. This will ensure that your kids are protected during their break times, outdoor physical education classes and sports days.

Harmful UV rays are present all year round:
Even though the summer’s over, the risk of getting sun damage is still high. Studies have shown that 90% of UV rays can pass through light cloud, so children need to use sunscreen every day, even while they’re at school. Due to the ‘no touching rule’ at schools, teachers are unable to apply sunscreen on children, so you should teach them how to apply it on themselves. It’s important that they know about the easily forgotten areas, such as back of their neck, their ears and the top of their feet.

Our Kids Disappearing Coloured Blue Roll-On is the perfect solution to this problem as the temporary blue colour encourages children to get into the habit of applying sunscreen. It also makes it easier for them to see the areas that have been applied to, which ensures all exposed areas are protected.

Children need to learn about sun safety from a young age
Involving children in the conversation around sun protection will help to engage them. It will also ensure that even when you’re not around, they are still safe from the sun.

One important thing to teach children is when they need to reapply their sunscreen. If they’re using a regular sunscreen, then they will need to reapply it every two hours. However, sunscreen can easily rub off if they are playing with water or paint at school, so they should be aware that sometimes they may need to reapply it more often.

Keep Their Hands Clean with Anti Bac
Protecting our children from bacteria and viruses has been more prevalent in our current climate. COVID-19 is still a huge concern for the general public and parents when sending their children back to school for the new academic year. Keep your children protected with Calypso!

Calypso’s Hand Hygiene range can give some solace to concerned parents as our Hand Hygiene Gel and Hand Hygiene Spray is small enough to pop into a coat pocket or bag. Containing 75.5% ethanol, these products are well above the required 60% as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Applying sunscreen should be part of their daily routine
It’s crucial to schedule sunscreen application into your children’s morning routine and encourage them to reapply it at break time. If you think your kids are too easily distracted to remember to apply their sunscreen, then we would advise using our Once a Day Sun Protection SPF40. It only needs to be applied once in the morning for all-day sun protection, and the formula is specially designed to protect children’s delicate skin.

Children should wait at least 15 minutes after applying their sunscreen before going outside. This is important as it allows the product to bind to the skin, so they get the most effective protection from the sun.


It’s hard to keep kids protected from the sun all the time, especially when they’re at school. However, by teaching them about the importance of sun protection from a young age, you can give them the confidence they need to apply their own sunscreen without supervision.

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