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The Effects of Staying Indoors on Your Skin


1 min read.

The gradual easing of lockdown is bound to be a dramatic shift in what we have now grown accustomed to. But aside from the change in routines, we may also be facing new difficulties when it comes to our skincare. Here are some ways our skin might have been affected during lockdown.

Increased Use of Soaps and Sanitisers

The health of our skin is directly related to the products we use with it. Frequent hand washing and sanitising as well as using stronger cleaning products will all have direct affects on our skin. Harsh soaps, alcohol and detergents are all known to dry out skin, stripping away the important oils that help to keep skin healthy.

Solution: Use a thick hand moisturiser regularly. If your skin comes into contact with any harsh chemicals, rinse the area immediately. Try to use soaps and sanitisers that have moisturising ingredients in them, such as the Calypso Anti-Bacterial Hand Hygiene Gel with Aloe Vera leaf extract.

Stress on the Skin

The anxiety of living through a pandemic will no doubt have caused many people’s stress levels to increase. Some people can find that stress affects their skin, bringing about hives, eczema or dry, flaky patches.

Solution: For any unfamiliar or unusual rashes, seek medical assistance. Eczema and other skin conditions can be treated with topical lotions. Look for skincare products with cooling ingredients like Aloe Vera and use products that are specifically designed for ‘sensitive skin’.

Time in the Sun

Whether you’ve been using lockdown to build up a tan or you’ve spent prolonged amounts of time indoors, sun protection is always vitally important. If your skin has seen very little sunshine over the outbreak, you may burn quicker if you are now being exposed to the sun more often.

Solution: Use an effective, UVA and UVB protectant such as Calypso Once A Day that delivers up to 8 hours of coverage. Remember to reapply before sunbathing or after the skin gets wet.

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. Use moisturisers, products with nourishing ingredients such as Aloe Vera and always keep protected when enjoying the sunny weather.

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