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Good Routines for Safety Whether at Home or Work


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Whether you’re furloughed, working from home or having to venture out regularly, keeping up good routines throughout the day can be tricky but is one way of maintaining your health during these unpredictable times. Here are some tips on how to stay as germ-free as possible.

Clean Hands
Routinely washing your hands for at least 20-30 seconds with soap and warm water is widely regarded as one of the most effective ways of keeping yourself safe. Use bathroom, coffee and exercise breaks as a reminder of when to thoroughly wash your hands. Alternatively, hand sanitiser can also keep germs and viruses at bay and is easier for traveling and work. Keeping a Calypso Anti-Bacterial Gel 500ml on your desk or popping Calypso Anti-Bacterial Gel 100ml into a bag for outdoors means that you can quickly clean your hands on the go. Calypso’s Hand Hygiene Gel also contains aloe vera to retain the skin’s moisture levels and stop it from drying out.

Clean Surfaces
The virus has been shown to linger for days at a time on certain objects. Disinfecting surfaces that we touch daily is key, especially for things like car keys and mobile phones, which we take with us outside.

Venturing Out
Leaving the house is vital now that we’re facing prolonged time indoors. Where possible, take time to exercise and enjoy the outdoors, remembering to keep your skin protected from the sun with Calypso Once A Day. If using a mask when leaving the house, remember that after each use it needs to be sanitised and if you are immunocompromised or are living with someone who is, you might want to consider changing and washing your clothes after each trip outside.

Small steps like these will not only help to keep away germs and viruses but will also create good routines. These precautions can benefit us by giving structure to our days and peace of mind.

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