Sun care advice from the experts

Want to ensure your skin is protected from the harmful effects of UV radiation? Then follow our Sun Care Specialist Seena Seka’s sun care advice for happy, healthy skin!

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Why You Should Start Using Carrot Oil

Ever heard of using carrot oil for skincare and wondered how it works? Keep reading to find out why this beloved veggie is a key ingredient for radiant skin.   Why Carrots?   Carrots naturally contain anti-oxidants and vitamin E which are essential when combatting signs of ageing. Carrots also contain Beta-Carotene, a component found…


The Effects of Staying Indoors on Your Skin

The gradual easing of lockdown is bound to be a dramatic shift in what we have now grown accustomed to. But aside from the change in routines, we may also be facing new difficulties when it comes to our skincare. Here are some ways our skin might have been affected during lockdown.   Increased Use…


Good Routines for Safety Whether at Home or Work

Whether you’re furloughed, working from home or having to venture out regularly, keeping up good routines throughout the day can be tricky but is one way of maintaining your health during these unpredictable times. Here are some tips on how to stay as germ-free as possible.   Clean Hands Routinely washing your hands for at…