Summer Holidays

Prepare for the Changing Summer Weather

The summer holidays are now well underway with children from Land’s End to John O’Groats spending more time outside, enjoying their 6 weeks off school. With warm weather forecast for August, a natural concern for most parents is ensuring their children are protected against harmful rays. However, the British summer can be very unpredictable so while it’s good to prepare for hot weather, we also need to be ready for cloudy and dull weather.

UVA Star Rating

UVA Star Rating System

The UVA star rating system allows the customer to see the level of protection that each sunscreen offers from UVA rays. The sunscreens that offer the minimum level of protection are given one star while those providing the maximum level are given five stars. The UVA star rating demonstrates the percentage of UVA radiation that has been absorbed by that particular sunscreen compared to UVB.