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Staying Safe This Spring During Lockdown

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The sunny spring weather has been both a blessing and a curse during the lockdown. Despite the heartache of missed holidays, parties and BBQs, we’re still able to enjoy some time outdoors in the sunshine during brief walks outside or, if you’re lucky enough to own a garden, some sun-bathing. But with new routines in place and plenty of distractions, sun protection may be going missed as the weather gets warmer.

Sun Care for Shut-ins
Is sun protection still important if I’m at home all day? Even for those who are stuck inside with only the brief trip to the shops as an outing, protecting the skin from the sun’s rays is still essential. UVB rays are the type to tan the skin and can be stopped by windows but UVA rays can still penetrate through glass causing damage to the skin. For a guaranteed coverage that lasts all day, try Calypso’s Once A Day Sun Protection. A bestseller and firm favourite, Once A Day dries onto the skin quickly leaving no residue behind with up to 8 hours of protection.

Keep Kids Safe
Garden activities are some of the simplest ways to keep the little ones entertained during the lockdown. Crafting, obstacle courses and even a paddling pool when it’s warm enough, there’s plenty of ways to keep the kids boredom-free. Double up on protection as well as a quick teaching opportunity with Calypso’s Kids Blue Roll-On. The roller ball means children can use the sun lotion themselves and with its magically disappearing blue colour, kids can be shown how to properly cover every inch of skin.

Fresh Air
Whilst we must be wary of the sun’s rays, it’s also vitally important during quarantine to venture outside. Not just because of the health benefits that Vitamin D brings, but also the mental health benefits that follow too, with serotonin levels increasing with exposure to sunlight. Make sure to stay safe and try to enjoy the great outdoors where you can.