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Safely Enjoying Your Staycation

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With much of the world still experiencing lockdown, there are limited options for those of us wanting to get away for the summer. We often overlook what is on our doorstep, with many of us choosing to holiday abroad. The potential risks to health and restrictions on travel have meant that there are few choices. As a result, UK staycation is now more popular than ever!

Don’t forget the sun lotion

With temperatures already having reached 28C, it’s clear that we all need to take the same precautions as if we were in the Mediterranean or another exotic destination. We are so used to mixed weather and overcast days that it’s possible to forget packing sun protection. One thing to remember is that even on overcast days, the sun can easily damage our skin. It doesn’t have to be blue skies and 28C; it’s important to protect yourself even on a cloudy summer day on the coast of Cornwall or in your friend’s back garden. Packing the sun lotion and reapplying it can be even easier to forget if we’re busy and taking part in different activities. This is why we recommend applying Calypso Once a Day SPF40 sun lotion. You can apply it in the morning and be protected for up to 8 hours, giving you the freedom to enjoy your staycation to the fullest.

Protecting your head

We can take other measures to avoid sun damage, such as limiting our exposure to the midday sun when it’s at its hottest. It’s also important to protect your head and neck as they are most exposed to the sun. You may want to wear a hat or consider using our Calypso Scalp Protection SPF30 which can be sprayed directly through your hair to give your scalp and hair that extra level of protection. This is often overlooked, but overexposure to the sun can lead to damage to your scalp, as well as hair discolouration, brittle strands and split ends.

The importance of using after sun products

Once you’ve enjoyed spending some time outdoors, it’s important to think about restoring your skin’s natural moisture. This is essential for anyone spending a day in the sun. We suggest using one of our products, such as Calypso Aloe Vera After Sun Gel which can heal, soothe and rehydrate your skin. The natural cooling properties of Aloe Vera will help relieve any sunburn and skin irritation, leaving your skin softer and smoother whilst also helping to prolong your tan. No matter what you do this summer, thinking first about protecting your skin from sun damage will help you enjoy it even more. We hope you have a great time.