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Sunburn Relief Spray

Contains Iricalmin

Calypso Sunburn Relief Spray is a unique anti-irritant containing both pharmaceutical grade ingredients and plant-derived phospholipids to help restore the protective lipid film of your skin. Its multi-purpose function provides treatment when skin becomes overexposed to the sun or when it becomes inflamed after insect bites and stings. It leaves your skin feeling instantly relieved, cooled and soothed.

Prefer to use a gel? Try our Aloe Vera After Sun Gel for long-lasting pain relief.
Directions of Use:
  • Spray liberally to all areas overexposed to the sun.
  • Do not rub in if sore, simply allow it to absorb into the skin.
  • For irritated skin including insect bites and stings, spray once and allow to dry.
  • Reapply when necessary.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. If contact does occur, wash quickly with clean water.

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